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 'As Above, so Below'

Consciously Own Grown Plant Medicines

I (& with the help of my 5 & 6 year old apprentice alchemists) practice traditional )O( esoteric & herbal alchemy & apply these ancient methodologies & techniques when growing my botanicals, & crafting my offerings.
Harnessing & cultivating the magick of Plant Spirit Familiars, Esoteric Alchemy, Medical Astrology and the vibration of mother earths resonance
 Creating a Sacred Botanical Offering & Natural Skincare range that is designed as a holistic, multidimensional, high vibrational, tool to synergisticaly
~ aid recovery of the physical body ~
~ enhance emotional wellbeing, Release what no longer serves ~ Opening up the Heart Energy & Awakening Self Love
~ align & balance the luminous energy field achieving a state of equilibrium & grounding ~
Assisting your self healing journey Nourishing you Skin to Soul.
)O( Connecting Plant Spirit Medicine with human being, and bridging the path between the Physical, Emotional & Spiritual self )O(

Release ~ Align ~ Awaken ~ Heal ~ Inspire ~ Share ~ Grow

Locally Grown in our Eden Apothecary Garden, or wildcrafted from deep within the forests of Eden ~ Sapphire Coast ~ NSW, Australia. 

Our Offerings are Handcrafted in small batch;s in ceremony & with Love


From the Earth to the Heart

May the passion woven within these pages  be felt deep within your being & inspire your heart

Love & Blessings

Tasha,  Little Esmeralda & Selene

Our Ingredients


Our botanicals are grown, harvested, dried & prepared at our Eden Apothecary, from our organic & bio dynamic Apothecary garden, by the calling of the moon and corresponding planetary alignment
Each season, at certain lunar phases, we venture out into the wilderness for a day and wildcraft our Australian Natives. We always perform a gratitude ceremony, to give thanks to mother earth and the nature spirits for their healing gifts that will allow us to make our sacred plant medicines


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