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Sacred Smoke Ceremony ~ Aromatic Plant Medicine & Sacred Scents

Human beings have been gifted many things by mother earth. The most important tool is that of the plant kingdom. The plant medicines.

Certain plants give up their lives so we can use their smoke for prayers and cleansing, and the aroma produced by these plants help us place ourselves in a different state of mind, thus bringing us into a deeper part of ourselves.  Then, as we concentrate on the moment, the scent may inspire memories, awaken the soul and give a sense of direction.

The use of sacred smoke made from plant medicines are used by many cultures and religions. 

This is called the Sacred Smoke Ceremony, or as 'smudging' or "fumigating" as some people call it.

Often incense is burned during rituals,  both for purification and to symbolize the intention, which are then carried out to the universal energy along the smoke.

There is much written on the use of smudging and cleansing negative energy, however, one of its main purposes is to bring vision, aided by the sense of smell.

In Greece, the burning of aromatic plants, resins,barks and seeds formed part of the rituals to contact the dead, following on from long periods of fasting and silence. Their sacred smoke was born out of sulphur and minerals in lieu of herbs to part the veil between the world of the living and form a bridge to the other world.

Besides producing visions, smudging is used to purify tools and people before a spiritual ceremony.

It is also used to clear sacred space and open the soul before calling upon the spirits and their healing powers.

Elders say that the spirits like the aromas produced when we burn sacred medicines.

After each healing session it is important to smudge the room and oneself. This is to remove any negative energy that may persist. Also, any tools that were used must be cleared of any energy they have absorbed, releasing negative residue.

The healing power of the plant kingdom is universal. In this sense, we all speak the same language. The only difference is, that not all plants grow in the same region. Each area, has its own unique plant medicines, reflecting their environment.

As we burn these plant medicines, not only do they purify and protect, but they provide us with access to their soul and power, therefore it is important to ask for their permission before gathering them, wether, you are wildcrafting, or harvesting from your own garden. We take only what we need without damaging the plant, and give thanks for what we have taken.


A Sacred Smoke Ceremony Awaits You.