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  • Amethyst Alchemy Organic Natural Perfume Oil | New Beginnings. Spiritual Awakening. Mental Clarity. Creativity. Protection ~ Herbal Alchemy Perfume Oil

    Welcoming a new offering from our Amethyst Collection ~ Connecting to our Higher Self

    ⚜Elements: Mental Clarity. .Manifest Spiritual Awakening. Psychic Awareness. Divine Energy. Protection. Calming. Joy. Relaxation. Inspire Creativity. Third Eye Energy Balance & Activation. Insight. Release Negativity

    This listing is for our signature crafted Amethyst Parfum housed in a Amber Glass Roller Bottle, featuring thick glass & high quality leakproof steel roller ball for swift and even application.

    Amethyst Crystals ~ Organic Lavender Buds & Lavender France Pure Essential Oil with Lemon Oure Essential Oil work synergistically together to create a powerful manifestation ascension tool, amplifying our intentions & aiding deep 'awakening' meditation

    When we work with crystal energy, we are harnessing the energetic healing vibrations of a specific crystal.
    When we introduce complimentary correspondences, like, essential oils, botanicals, elements, planetary influences and our intention, we create a powerful sacred ascension tool which amplifies the healing properties and vibrational frequency of that crystal ~ connecting us to our higher self

    I have crafted this Amethyst Organic Parfum Oil, beginning on the night of the New Moon, & imbued its correspondences through the magick of Alchemy & Magia Metaphysica ~ in ceremony & love

    A magickal addition to ones sacred space and/ or altar.
    A beautifully empowering and holistic way to facilitate and work with the Amethyst Crystal Light Being

    Working on the Physical ~ Emotional and Energetic aspect of the human being & bridging the path between the Mind, Body, Soul connection

    Use to manifest your desired intention

    Crafted with only the finest Organic Pure Essential Oils & lunar infused plant based oils, and organic botanicals

    Housed in a re usable 20 ml amber glass bottle with steel roller & Amethyst crystal adorned lid.

    How to Use
    Apply directly on the heart chakra, or meridian points associated with heart meridian.
    Apply behind ears, neck & inside of elbows as a natural parfum and to raise the Love Vibration.

    This Herbal Alchemy oil pairs synergistically with our Amethyst & Lavender Candle Alchemy to further amplify your Third Eye Energy Meditation, & activation & Raise Vibrations connecting to higher self

    INGREDIENTS: Lavender Blossoms Herbal Alchemy Lunar Infused in Organic Jojoba Oil, Calendula Herbal Alchemy Oil (grown and prepared by me at our Eden Apothecary) Pure Essential Oils of *Lavandula France, *Lemon Australia, *Peru Balsam, *Raspberry C02 Oil, Seabuckthorn C02 Oil, Pomegranate C02 Oil *Amethyst Crystal Tumbles, *Lavender Blossoms, Lunar Alchemy, ^Love

    *Denotes ORGANIC

    From the Earth to the Heart🙏

    Love and Blessings
    Tasha ~ Little Esmeralda & Selene