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  • Amethyst Crystal Pendant | Handknotted Necklace Over Heart | Mental Clarity

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    Inspired by the Full Moons energy I have hand knotted this beautiful piece under her illuminating light to capture her essence and imbued this crystal light being with her powerful vibrations to Manifest Divine Energy ~ Protection & Spiritual Awakening
    Offering to you a cabochon style hand knotted Amethyst Crystal Pendant, with hand knotted chord, which when worn sits beautiful right over the heart energy.
    Chevron AMETHYST
    One of the finest third-eye stones, stimulating vision into the unknown realms both within the self & into the exterior worlds.
    It facilitates both the perception & interpretation of the aura & further stimulates the "brighter" aspect of the individual, as well as encouraging the emanating warmth and the purity of love within ones beings.
    An excellent stone for journeying & for inner self evaluation & evolution. It brings one the strength and loving essence to continue in any and all pursuits.
    Chevron Amethyst stimulates the understanding of positive answers to any imaginable problem assisting one in the selection of resolution.
    It cleanses the auric field of negativity, allowing the wearer to trace the negativity back to the source, and protects the luminous energy field, particular the third eye energy from unwanted energies and psychic attack. It has a strength and power to transmute negative energy into positive energy, rebooting the body's energy field, engulfing it in a new breath of healing light.
    Chevron Amethyst has been used successfully to eliminate headaches, pain & symptoms of viral and infect - ious dis-ease within the physical body, strengthening the immune system.

    I have chosen to craft this piece with a macramé style technique, on a Full Moon
    Invoking this spiritual alchemy within the Amethyst itself.
    The chord is also hand knotted and the Amethyst Crystal rests nicely over the heart.
    With every knot I weave, a blessing is sung.
    You will receive the exact piece pictured above protected in its own little bag filled with Lavender Buds, Jasmine & Roses from our Eden Apothecary Garden
    Paired with our Organic Amethyst + Lavender Crystal Sacred Face & Body Mist we create a harmonious vibrational frequency balancing the Third Eye Energy, Evoking Mental Clarity, Inspiring Creativity, Invoking Protection & Awakening the Spirit.

    You can find our Amethyst + Lavender Alchemy Mist HERE  

    May the energetic vibrations imbued within this piece be felt deep within your being, awakening the spirit and blanketing you with protection.

    Love & Crystal Blessings