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Amethyst Energy Healing Bundle | Manifest Spiritual Awakening ~ Protection ~ Divine Energy

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Manifest Divine Energy ~ Protection ~ Spiritual Awakening

Crafted with the art of Magia Metaphysica ~ Harnessing healing energetic vibrations of Amethyst Crystal & complimentary correspondences synergistically intensify & amplify the Healing properties of Amethyst ~ Herbal Alchemy ~ Planetary Energies & Lunar Alchemy to create this high vibrational energy healing ascension tool.

Inspire Creativity & Mental Clarity ~ activate the third eye and awaken the spirit.
Invoke Protection of self ~ Luminous Energy Field & space
Prepare for meditation or use to release tension, calm the nerves

Working with the third eye energy centre, this Amethyst Medicine Bundle aids the seeker to connect with inner spiritual wisdom ~ expanding consciousness and bringing feelings of inner peace, happiness ~ thus promoting emotional balance

Energetically charged with Solfeggio Frequency 852 htz ~ This frequency is directly connected to the third eye chakra and is used to awaken inner strength and self realisation. It dissolves stagnant mental energy from over thinking and clears blockages allowing communication with higher self & spirit.

"As Rosemary is to the Spirit, so Lavender is to the Soul"

You will receive the exact bundle pictured as above.

1 x Amethyst Crystal Druzy Cluster
1 x Lavender Sacred Smoke Herbal Alchemy Wand. Consciously Grown, Harvested & Prepared at our Eden Apothecary Garden
1 x Large Scalloped Shell
1 x Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag

Your bundle will be wrapped in recycled natural tissue paper, tied with organic string and sealed with sacred sealing was, with sacred geometry symbol Flower of Life

Love & Blessings