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  • Australian White Sage ~ Organic Flower Essence ~ Mother Elixir | Vibrational Plant Medicine Alchemy ~ Own Grown Botanicals

    White Sage Flower Alchemy ~ Plant Spirit Medicine

    Our White Sage Flourish's within our Eden Apothecary Garden. Every Year, when her flowers are in full bloom, I wait for the full moon and begin the process of extracting this beautiful plants healing energetic architecture in form of Mother Elixir.

    I am offering to you an 11 ml of this Mother Elixir at stock level ~ Organic White Sage Flower Essence preserved with Organic Grain Alcohol.

    From here you can create your own dosage dilutions when blending for wellbeing & healing, or you can utilise this flower essence in its potent form.

    The essence of Sacred White Sage works as a multidimensional healer and cleanser for the spirit, soul ~ body & mind. The bringer of wisdom, Salvia Apiana Flower Essence connects us to a deeper universal frequency, allowing us to channel the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, opening up the portal to release, receive & accept.
    A potent vibrational medicine to cleanse the entire being, down to a molecule level of stagnant, negative energies &/or malevolent entities ~ purifying the luminous energy field and renewing ones energy.

    Metaphysically & esoterically used in healing/cleansing/balancing energy works, deep shamanic journeying & soul retrieval, meditation & yoga

    This flower essence compliments your spiritual cleanse ritual and ceremony, and adds to the process of release, making it an important addition to our Spiritual Cleanse Collection.

    You will receive
    ~ 11ml of our own grown Australian Organic White Sage (Salvia Apiana) Mother Elixir ~ Housed in an amber glass vial with glass eye dropper

    Love & Blessings