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Calming Waters ~ Organic Botanical Bath Salts ~ LARGE


She arose from calming waters, with flowers in her hair ...


Calming Waters ~ Organic Botanical Bath Brew

A balanced blend of the finest Dead Sea Salt ~ Epsom & Pink Himalayan Salts

Infused with Our home grown Organic botanicals of Chamomile Flowers ~ Lavender Buds & Rose Petals all captured in a re usable Large Glass Bottle with cork stopper and closed with wax seal.

Imbued with Lunar Alchemy & Love

Crafted during the waning moon to assist the process of release from your entire being ~ melting away stress & releasing tension ~ preparing the body for relaxation

A beautiful potent blend for those seeking to Calm the mind ~ Relax the body & Enter a space of Tranquillity

Love & Blessings

Tasha & her faerie assistants Esmeralda & Selene