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  • Cleanse ~ Purify ~ Protect ~Your Space & Energy Field Mist

    Organic Aromatherapy Mist to cleanse, purify & protect your space & aura

    Crafted by the calling of the moon during the waning lunar cycle to illuminate invocations of release, purification and renewal. Synergisticaly blended with Pure Essential Oils of 
    Juniper Berry ~ Rosemary ~ Pink Grapefruit ~ Sweet Fennel & Carrot Seed
    With a pinch of Pink Ceremonial Salt for added protection.

    The perfect alternative for those sensitive to smoke.

    To be used in anys space to banish negative energies, ward off psychic attack, protect from evil eye & raise positive vibrations.

    Your Sacred Space, New Home, Office, Car, any exisitng, or new space that feels heavy, stagnant, negative or needs an 'Energetic Clense'
    Spray around your luminous energy field to banish negativity, release stress, blanace energy and uplift mood.

    A harmonious addition to ones healing space, and those working with Vibrational Energetic Healing or Massage Therapies. 
    Spray around therapy room/space, sacred tools and oneself to clear, renew, protect & restore balance.

    Captured in an Amber Glass Bottle Vol. 100ml

    Made in small batches with a whole lot of LOVE and Lunar Alchemy at our Eden Apothecary in Eden NSW Australia💚 

    From the Earth to the Heart🙏