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Donations ~ Eden Bushfire Relief Fund

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Sacred Emanations is accepting donations for the Eden Bushfire Relief Fund.

Monies raised will be used to support the health and wellbeing of the Australian Wildlife Animals that have been greatly affected by the fires. 

We will be going out to remote locations into the forest, were the natural fauna and flora that feed our wildlife has been wiped out. We will be dropping off food & water, (hay, and other stock feeds we will purchase from our local stock feeds supplier) creating little sanctuarys were the animals that have survived can come out to feed and drink.

Our goal is to give the wildlife the opportunity to re gain their strength & energy back, avoid starvation, slowly rehabilitate, and venture out to greener pastures

Any sick and injured wildlife needing medical attention will be taken to the Wild Life and Rescue Centre for ongoing support & rehabilitation 

We are also donating 50% of all sales made form our online Apothecary to help the families, in Eden NSW, that lost everything in the recent bushfire tragedy

We are deeply grateful for all your love and support in helping us be the VOICE for our Australian Wildlife.

Together we can make a difference

Love & Blessings