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  • Dream Weaver ~ Sacred Sleep ~ Aromatherapy Bath Soak

    Dream Weaver ~ Serene Sleep ~ Sacred Rest ~ Aromatherapy Botanical Bath Salts

    Release stress & tension and invoke relaxation

    ♢A mineral rich blend of the finest Salts

    ~ Premium Dead Sea Salt (unrefined)

    'Harvested from the southern shores of the Dead Sea in Israel, where the absorption of the mineral is the highest. The Dead Sea's unique waters have a total concentration that is ten times higher than normal ocean water. The composition of the brines is distinct, compromised mainly of magnesium, potassium and calcium chlorides, as well as a high level of bromides, making it an extremely theraputic and soothing treatment for the whole body'

    ~ Epsom Salt

    ~ Himalayan Pink Salt

    ♢Marinated in a synergistic blend of Organic Pure Essential Oils of 

    Frankincense Olibanum ~ Antianxiety remedy, releasing stress and inducing feelings of deep peace & tranquility

    Lavander France ~ Calms, soothes and nurtures

    Rose Geranium ~ Reduces nervous tension and calms the heart space

    ♢Harnessing the soothing energetic vibrations of Celestite Crystal to induce calmness and settle a busy mind

    ♢Crystal ~ Aromatic & Lunar Alchemy create a potent vibration for mood relaxation, melting away busy thoughts and harmoniously bringing in feelings of inner peace & serenity. Preparing our mind and body for a restful sleep.

    Synergistically working on the Physical ~ Emotional & Spiritual aspect of the human being

    ♢Crafted on Monday ~ The day of the Moon, and in the hour of moon, to invoke the magik and planetary influences that  assist peaceful ~ restful sleep

    Created in ceremony with Love ~ From the Earth to the Heart