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Dream Weaver ~ Sacred Sleep ~ Aromatherapy Face & Pillow Mist ~ 100ml


Are you the dreamer or the dreamed

Preparing ourselves for a restful night sleep is the most important part of our evening. As we slow down our heart rate, calming the busy mind, recapitulating the days events, encounters and experiences, we clear the way and open the doorway for a full dreaming experience.

I have chosen Organic Pure Essential Oils of Frankincense ~ Lavender France & Geranium to promote awareness, calm, relaxation, bridging the mind, body and soul.

Harnessing the essence of Selenite's energetic vibration in each individual bottle, empowering each potion with healing moon magik

Crystal ~ Aromatic & Lunar Alchemy create a potent vibration for mood relaxation, melting away busy thoughts and harmoniously bringing in feelings of inner peace & serenity.

Synergistically working on the Physical ~ Emotional & Spiritual aspect of the human being

Crafted on Monday ~ The day of the Moon, and in the hour of moon, to invoke the magik and planetary influences that assist peaceful ~ restful sleep

Energetically charged with pure vibrational frequencies of (energetic sound bars) Moon & Love


Mist your pillow ~bed sheets ~ face ~body ( ...please keep eyes shut)

Inhale deeply, and allow aromatic alchemy transform the moment.

Lay down, close your eyes and begin weaving those sweet dreams of happiness and new beginning's.

Day is over and night has come
Today has gone, what is done is done
Embrace your dreams all through the night
Tomorrow comes a whole new light

Sweet Dreams


♥Organic Pure Essential Oils of


^Lavender France


♥Lunar Infused Chamomile Extract( Grown, harvested & prepared by us at our Eden Apothecary

♥Organic Geranium Hydrosol

♥Organic Botanical Extract of Rosemary(in Organic Kosher Glycerine)

♥Alchemized Crystal Elixir of Selenite

♥Full Moon Blessed Distilled Water

♥Secret Ingredients(to honour and protect the magickal crafting's of my ancient lineage, some ingredients may not be listed.)
Love and Blessings

Our offerings are consciously handcrafted with 100% earthly inspired ingredients, Moon Magik ~ Alchemy & Love at our small batch Eden Apothecary ~ Eden ~ NSW Australia
NO Chemicals No Preservative's. Pure Natural Goodness. Gentle on the body and the environment💚