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Dream Weaver | Serene Sleep ~ Botanical Aromatherapy Oil ~ 20ml | Nervous Tension ~ Anxiety Relief ~ Calm Busy Mind ~ Soothing ~ Relaxation

Elements ~ Calming. Relaxing. Soothing. Nurturing. Relieves Anxiety, Nervous Tension & Restlessness

The long awaited Dream Weaver Serene Sleep Botanical & Well being oil is now available

This Botanical Aroma therapeutic Oil is a new addition to our Sacred Sleep Collection of Mists & Bath salts to aid your bed time ritual for winding down, calming the busy mind, relaxing the nervous system and preparing for a restful night sleep.

Handmade with our own consciously grown Organic Chamomile Flowers. We use traditional Herbal Alchemy Lore to grow, harvest & prepare all our botanicals & lunar infusions.

The Chamomile Lunar Infused Botanical Oil & our Frankincense Resin Infused Oil is crafted using a 2 fold technique. This means that the chamomile is left to infuse in Greek Medicinal Olive Oil over a full lunar cycle( from 1 full moon, to the following full moon) at the second full moon, the herbs are strained and a beautiful healing herbal botanical oil remains, capturing all the medicinal properties chamomile has to offer. This a a standard method to all herbal infusions

Sacred Emanations embraces the importance of excellence when it comes to healing with plant medicines, so we practice traditional Herbal Alchemy techniques, working in harmony with the Medicine from the Earth and harnessing the maximum healing plant oils for your well being

The infused oil is placed in a clean jar, and a newly fresh batch of dried chamomile is then added to create an even more potent botanical oil.
This is left to marinate gently & infuse over another lunar cycle, imbuing not only the physical healing properties of the plant medicine, but the magickal properties and energetic architecture of each plant aspect, creating a multidimensional, high vibrational healing tool, that bridges the path between the physical, emotional & spiritual aspect of the human being, facilitating a holistic approach to healing.

Crafted on Monday ~ The day of the Moon, and in the hour of moon, to invoke energetic planetary influences that assist peaceful ~ restful sleep

Day is over and night has come
Today has gone, whats done is done
Embrace your dreams all through the night
Tomorrow comes a whole new light

How to Use
Gently roll bottle between palms to blend all ingredients. Whilst you roll your bottle, and exchange energy between the plant medicines and your being, set your intention & speak it .

Ingredients: *Chamomile Lunar Infused in Medicinal Greek Olive Oil, *Frankincense Resin Lunar Infused in Jojoba Oil, Pure Essential Oils of *Frankincense Somali, *Lavender France, *Geranium, *Chamomile, *Chamomile Flower Dried, *Angelite Crystal Tumbles, Lunar Alchemy, ^Love

*Denotes ORGANIC

Sacred Emanations ~ Eden Apothecary
From the Earth to the Heart

Love & Blessings
Tasha x