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  • Eagle Medicine ~ Sacred Eagle Medicine Bundle ~ Sacred Smoke Bundle

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    Eagle Spirit teaches us wisdom ~ courage ~ illumination of spirit.
    This beautiful totem animal represents Spiritual Protection ~ Creation and Healing

    The energetic vibrations of Eagle Spirit carries our prayers, intentions and blessings into the universe and enlightens us with the knowledge of magick.

    This Spirit Feather Healing Medicine Tool has been crafted to invoke the Spirit of Eagle and all his powers.
    To be used in ceremony, healing & journeying within, seeking the wisdom of the ancients and the spirit of eagle

    I am offering to you this Eagle Medicine Sacred Bundle.

    I have gathered, grown, fossicked and wild crafted all the items that complete this medicine bundle from my home town on the SAPPHIRE COAST, EDEN, NSW Australia.

    You will find the following elements within this medicine bundle

    EAGLE FEATHER ~ Represents the AIR Element

    Eagle Spirit Feather ~ I have crafted this feather on the night of the full moon

    The Feather I have used is a traditional Australian Eagle Feather, which I have wildcrafted in prayer and ceremony, from deep within the forest of Eden, NSW, Australia.

    I have mounted the feather onto a branch of White "Grandfather' Sage which makes up the handle. I have adorned the feather with strands of Organic Sweet Grass

    Both the white sage & sweet grass has come from my Eden Apothecary Garden, where I have been growing these giving sacred plants for many years.

    The handle is from a second generation white sage plantation. I honour this plant incredibly, and feel blessed knowing that all my white sage is grown right here in Australia, in my own sacred space.

    No adhesives, or synthetics have been used to create this peice.
    I have used local leather and lacing techniquies to secure.

    ABALONE SHELL ~ Represents the WATER Element

    I was walking along the cost line, on the day of the full moon....absorbing the energy of the sea...wondering what the sea witch had left me for that day. The waves came in high and as they spread across the sand, this beautiful abalone shell greeted me. I knew it was to be a part of this medicine bundle.

    CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL ~ Represents the SPIRIT/EARTH Element(The Master Healer, clear quartz, amplifies our intentions

    The 3 crystals you will receive have been fossicked from the same beach that I found the abalone shell. Eden is a high vibrational cardinal point that has a potent earth healing energy. It also has many crystal lines. Most of the crystals you find here are Clear Quartz and Amethyst and of course seldom, if lucky sapphires.
    I dug the 3 crystals from the earth and have only gently cleaned them with warm water to reveal their clarity.

    PLANT MEDICINE ~ Represents the EARTH Element
    White Sage( 35g Glass Vial with cork) ~ This beautiful plant grows in my Eden Apothecary Garden. I grow it, harvest and prepare it seasonally

    Sweet Grass (35g Glass Vial with Cork) ~ Another truly sacred plant medicine that grows in my Eden Apothecary Garden. I love to nurture, and learn from this wise plant spirit.

    SAND ~ Represents the WATER Element (35g Glass Vial with Cork)

    The vial of sand has come from the same beach as the abalone and the crystals. The sand Is to be used as part of your sacred smoke ceremony. Place a little sand in the abalone. Light your charcoal and sit your charcoal on top of the sand. This will protect your abalone shell. The sand also represents the water element and illuminates the harnessing of sea energy.

    CHARCOAL ~ Represent the FIRE Element

    The charcoal is to be used as part of your sacred smoke ceremony. Light the charcoal, place it on the sand in your abalone shell, then slowly add the plant medicines, singing your blessings, prayers and intentions.

    It has been a great honour & respect in making this Spirit Feather Healing Medicine, being guided by sacred palnt medicine, Eagle spirit and tuning into universal energies. This bundle was crafted on the night of the full moon.

    "May the energetic vibrations imbued within this sacred medicine bundle be felt deep within your being, re awaken the spirit"

    Love and Blessings