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Facial Steam ~ Sensitive Skin | Organic Homegrown Botanicals ~ Calendula ~ Chamomile ~ Lavender | 90grams

Facial steams are a good old fashioned way to open pores, tone and prepare your skin for deep cleansing.

Use them on their own, or prior to cleansing with our Sensitive Skin Facial Grains (or applying as mask)

Our facial steam has been designed to target sensitive, inflamed and irritated skin.

It is also beneficial for all other skin types.

Because they work on the Emotional as well as the Physical, this steam can be used as a way to calm the mind, soothe the nerves & body for those seeking to relax and unwind.


3 simple ingredients have been chosen for this steam. They work synergistically together to bring holistic wellness to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of the human being.

Bridiging each layer and creating oneness.

A holistic approach to soul evolution. Nourishing you Skin to Soul.

Callendula Officinalis

Physical Benefits
~ Calendula's healing properties are amazing.Antifungal. Antiviral. Calmative. Antibacterial.Soothing
A true warrier when it comes to wound wound healing. Not only does Calendula speed up the proccess of cell regeneration, but it begins to heal from deep within the dermis. Renewing from the inside out.

Spiritual/Emotional Wellness
~ A true Sun Element herb. When it comes to increasing ones vitality, Calendula's energetic vibrations are happy and energetic and will aim to do just that


Physical Benefits
~ Chamomile is a wonderful gentle nurturing and calming herb. Relaxas the muscles on the face and works as a mini massage. Soothing & healing

Spiritual/Emotional Wellness
~ On inhaling Chamomiles molecules, you feel calm and relaxed. A wonder herb that works on the nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety


Physical Benefits
~Another true antimicrobial healing agent. Lavender is great to calm acne and inflammed skin, whist disinfecting the natural way!

Spiritual/Emotional Wellbeing
~The bringer of Happiness. Lavender has a great influnece on our being when one feels the blues or sad. It reminds us to be in the present moment, and guides us gently, uplifting our spirits.

Together, all 3 herbs work to calm. cleans. rejuvenate. relax. soothe. revive.


In a medium heatproof bowl, add a couple of teaspoons of your botanical facial steam.
Add boiling water to the bowl & cover with sausepan lid for a couple of minutes. This allows for the essential oils of the herbs to stay in your bowl and not evaporate off.
After a couple of minutes, take the lid off. Place your face over the bowl, ensuring that you are not too close. Check to see if the steam is not too hot, if it is still hot, just back away a little. Take your towel and cover your head, encasing your self in a cave type atmosphere creating a little steam room.

Be sure to keep your eyes closed, and Breathe Deeply. Inhaling deep and slow and exhaling the same. Visualising the spirit of your botanicals entering into your being and releasing their heling energy.

You can do this for 10 - 15 min. If at any stage you feel light headed, sit down and take a break.

When finished, drink plenty of water & be sure to sit quietly for a while, feeling the shift in energy

When you have finished, no need to throw away all that botanical infused healing power.
You can pour a bath and add it just before you enter the tub

or make yourself a toning tea face mist.
Add the left over water in a sterilized glass spritzer bottle. Spray your face as often as you want. Only keep in the fridge up to 2 days. After this, please discard. As the ingredients are all natural and preservative free.

When discarding, please do so in your garden. add the left over liquid & herbs in a plant that needs a little love and care, or any space in your garden that is calling you to do so.

These botanicals have sacrificed their life for us, to bring us their healing energy. With deep gratitude and respect please place them back into mother earth.

From the Earth to the Heart & the Heart to the Earth

Love and Blessings