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  • Full Moon ~ Organic Botanical Bath Brew ~ Clear Quartz Crystal Infused ~ Lunar Bathing Ritual


    Moonlight shining bright, Midnight on the water...

    Offering to you a Full Moon Botanical Bath Brew ~ Clear Quartz Crystal Point Infused
    The Full Moon phase is a time when we experience a heightened awareness ~ clarity ~ heightened thought activity. It is a time to use this lunar energy to release old patterns that no longer serve us. Release is a powerful outcome, allowing a new energy to enter our space ~ thus,  changing our vibration. This Full Moon energy also enlightens our being with the gift of clarity. A great time to channel your inner wisdom and remember who you really are.

    Use to empower & prepare for your Full Moon Ceremony & Bathing Ritual ~ RELEASING what no longer serves you
    Entice the senses, nourish your body~ clear the luminous energy field ~ channel creativity ~ aid meditation & invocations ~ setting intent

    This delicious & theraputic  Mineral Rich Lunar Ritual Brew is balanced with Dead Sea, Pink Himalayan & Epsom Salts ~ marinated in a beautiful calming and harmonious blend of our homegrown & wildcrafted Organic Botanicals of 
    ~ Yarrow 
    ~ Lemon Myrtle
    ~ Calendula Petals
    ~ Tea Tree 
    ~ Rose Petals.

    On the top of the brew, just inside the bottle, lays a Clear Quartz Crystal Point ~ known as the master healer of the mineral kingdom, this amazing mineral is like no other. With your own invocations, it can be programmed to amplify your intentions.....

    You Will Receive
    *A generous amount of Ceremonial & Ritual Bath Soak with Clear Quartz Point (inside bottle) captured & presented in a large 10 Ounce glass bottle with cork stopper & enclosed with wax seal
    *Wooden Spoon

    Crafted on the day of moon & in the hour of Moon with Ceremony, Lunar Alchemy & Love to invoke the magick within & empower your lunar bathing ceremony
    This brew is also used as a FOOT SOAK ~ embracing the healing and remedial powers of Reflexology.

    Blessed Be your Lunar Bathing Ceremony💜