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  • GRATITUDE | Earth Element ~ Hand poured Aromatherapy Alchemy Candle | Beeswax & Organic Pure Essential Oils

    EARTH Element Alchemy Aromatherapy Candle
    Connect to Mother EARTH Energies for a DEEP GROUNDING MEDITATION

    Handcrafted with
    ♥ Australian Pure Beeswax from a LOCAL apiarist in Tanja, NSW

     ♥ Lead Free Cotton Wicks

    Organic Pure Essential oils of 

     ♥ Cedarwood Atlas 

     ♥ Geranium

     ♥ Patchouli

     ♥ Vetiver

     Synergistically blended with respect to planetary & botanical correspondences that

     capture the vibration of the Earth Element.

     ♥ Handcrafted in small batch's ~ in Ceremony ~ Lunar Alchemy &  with Love  at our

     Eden Apothecary in Eden, New South Wales, Australia

     Handpoured in a 120ml re-usable Amber Glass Jar with lid to preserve the integrity

     and energetic vibrations of your candle

     From the Earth to the Heart

     Love & Blessings