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Grounding Meditation | Earth Alchemy Candle ~ Organic Beeswax & Pure Essential Oil Candle ~ Blessed by the Full Moon with Carnelian

EARTH Element Alchemy Candle for Balancing the Root Energy Centre ~ Grounding Meditation ~ Gratitude Ceremony

An organic high vibrational multidimensional tool to aid your spiritual alchemy journey in balancing the Root Chakra

♥Balancing the First Energy Centre ~ Root Chakra
The Root Chakra, also the First Chakra concerns your connection with the earth. your birthplace, your culture your foundations and implements security for the emotional and physical states.
It is the centre of physical energy and vitality, cementing our connection to earth and our relationships.
Located between the legs, at the base of the spine, the Tailbone.
Its colour correspondences are red and brown.
The Root Chakra resonates with groundedness, stability, and security.
This is the chakra to focus on in meditation if you are feeling afraid or unsafe.
And if you are too stuck in your ways, unwilling to accept change or transition, your Root Chakra may be overactive. This chakra governs reproductive glands and organs, kidneys, and spine.

This chakra opens up your prosperity, belongings and feeling of security.

MANTRA: Lam ~ Chant the LAM mantra during your Root Chakra Candle Meditation to align the physical with the energetic self and to aid the unblocking of stagnation, allowing energy to shift.

The crafting of this candle is purley inspired by the Healing Earth Energies. I have prepared the essential oils blends during an earthen ceremony, honouring mother earth and corresponding planetary influences, that represent Earth.

♥Spiritual Alchemy & Grounding
Use to connect to Mother EARTH Energies for a DEEP Grounding Meditation
~ Invoking the Earth Element for your ritual & ceremony
~ Earth Magick

♥Gratitude Ceremony
~ Mother Earth Gratitude Ceremony ~ Giving thanks to the great mother that provides for us is the greatest gift we can honour her in return.

A Gratitude Ceremony is a beautiful, yet powerful intentional way to pay our respects and give back to the Earth.

It allows us a deeper connection and understanding of ourselves to arise within us, connecting with the umbilical chord of mother earth and opening up ourselves to heal.

Releasing negative energies from deep within our being and allowing mother earth to transmute those energies into positive vibrations.

Nature speaks to us in her language of vibration, sound, feeling, emotion, visual ~ be open to her & you will hear your song

Every day be sure to walk with naked feet on the earth, feeling, connecting and opening yourself up to the unseen vibrations that are there awaiting you.

Handcrafted with

♥ Australian Pure Beeswax from a LOCAL apiarist in Tanja, NSW
♥ Lead Free Cotton Wicks
Organic Pure Essential oils of
♥ Cedarwood Atlas
♥ Geranium
♥ Patchouli
♥ Vetiver

Synergistically blended with respect to planetary & botanical correspondences that
capture the vibration of the Earth Element.

♥ Handcrafted in small batch's ~ in Ceremony ~ Lunar Alchemy & with Love at our
Eden Apothecary in Eden, New South Wales, Australia

Hand poured in a 120ml re-usable Amber Glass Jar with lid to preserve the integrity
and energetic vibrations of your candle
Adorned with Sacred Geometry Flower of Life wax seal on lid

From the Earth to the Heart🙏

Love and Blessings