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  • Lavandula Faery Wishing Wand with Clear Quartz Point


    Lavandula Faery Wishing Wand

    ...with the New Moon approaching, a neweth begining will be birthed..

    Manifestation Ceremony

    Light your sacred herb and allow your intention to flow through the faery wands crystal quartz, along the flower bud and taken up into the universal energies through her sacred, your intention will be heard and manifestation begins..

    Keep your Clear Quartz on you. Place it on your heart. Sleep with her under pillow, to gently remind you to be in the present moment and connect with your intention and divine love...thus changing your vibration and manifesting change..

    Gratitude to you my beautiful Lavandula....Thankyou Flower Faeries in all your Graciousness

    Grown, Harvested & Handcrafted with a whole lot of LOVE, Lunar Alchemy & Ceremony at Eden Apothecary, in Eden NSW, Australia. 

    Delicatletly wrapped and held together with a very fine and robust organic paper thread.

    From the Earth, to the Heart💜