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  • Lavender ~ Rosemary & Thyme Sacred Smudge Wand

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    Organicaly grown with Love at our Eden Apothecary Garden. Harvested by the calling of the moon & wrapped in organic cotton string.

    Offering to you a sacred smudge wand with the magik to PURIFY ~ PROTECT & INVOKE Love & Courage.

    These 3 herbs work synergistically on all levels. Spiritually, they will cleanse & purify all negativity around your luminous energy field, or any space ~ then, fill the void by invoking the energetic vibrations of Love & Courage....

    Physically their healing vibrations will calm ~ soothe & nurture...whilst antimicrobial and antifungal medicinal properties help boost the immune system. 

    An excellent tool to use when you are releasing all that no longer serves you and are begining a new.

    Lavender, Rosemary & Thyme will give you the the strength, courage and love that is required to let go & move on.

    From the Earth to the Heart