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  • Invoke LOVE ~ Alchemy Botanical Candle ~ Pure Essential Oils of Rose ~ Lavender France & Patchouli


    I am in the Vibration of LOVE


    Love Alchemy Botanical Candle is crafted with the intention to Evoke Love within all & bring harmony, peace  & balance on every level of our being.

    Crafted on the night of the Full Moon in the astrological sign of Libra.

    Libra is the sign of relationships. The Libra moon energy urges us to create harmony and balance in our relationships.

    I have utilised botanical and aromatherapy(Plant Energetics & Pure Essential Oils) correspondences that help manifest our intentions to invoke love within our life.




    Own grown, harvested & prepared Organic Rose Petals, Lavender Buds, Patchouli Flowers & Leaves


    Pure Essential Oils

    Rose Otto, Lavender Maillette France &  Patchouli work synergistically and metaphysically opening your heart energy to bring in feelings of inner peace & harmony.


    Wax & Wicks

    Non GMO Soy Wax & Natural Cotton Braided Wicks  (Lead Free)



    Rose Quartz stimulates the true life force - LOVE.

    Melting away stress & tension it emits a cool, calming energy which can work on all of the energy centre's to gently remove negativity and bring back the gentle forces of self love.

    A rejuvenating agent for both the physical body & emotional system, it balances ying-yang energy & provides each energy centre with the proper energy vibration.

    Resonating with the astrological sign of Cancer, Rose Quartz will share its loving and nurturing aspects attuning one to the energy of love.



    ~Invoke Love Aromatherapy Alchemy Candle housed in a large 175ml Recyclable Amber Glass Jar with Black lid

    ~small Rose Quartz Crystal heart

    ~packaged in a drawstring chiffon bag

    ~enclosed with wine wax seal, imbedded with the ancient Greek symbol of love



    Prepare your sacred space for meditation and place your candle within this space. As you light your candle set your intention to invoke unconditional love. Say it aloud, write it in your journal, feel it in your heart & visualise this love energy enveloping your entire being


    Find a comfortable position, hold your crystal to heart and continue to visualise & feel whilst you breathe in the beautiful aromas and create new love frequency pathways opening up your heart to inner peace & harmony


    I am in love with all that once was, and all that is now. 

    I am in love with all that shall be.

    I am in the vibration of love. 

    I am Love.

    I am one with myself


    Use as part of your Unconditional Love Bathing Ceremony or Ritual, to invite divine love into your sacred space.

    A truly beautiful aroma that lingers well beyond the, light of your candle has gone out, keeping your intentions and magick alive.



    "May the energetic vibrations imbued upon this candle, light your heart, allowing love to shine deep within your being, and emanate to those you love, bringing unity, harmony, balance & peace in all relationships"


     Love & Blessings

    Tasha Little Esmeralda & Selene

    From the Earth to the Heart