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  • Love Thyself Facial Care Pack ~ Organic Botanical Cleanse | Exfoliate | Mask ~ Inner Goddess Beauty Ritual ~ Sacred Natural Skincare


    Love Thyself ~ Love Your Skin

    A truly beautiful blend of hand milled Organic Rose Petals ~ Acai Berry ~ Australian Pink & Kaolin Clay to bring back that glow you deserve inside & out.

    Crafted on the day of Venus & hour of Venus under the full moon and in ceremony to invoke the goddess within and beautify your entire being.

    Adorned with symbol ~ Flower of Aphrodite ~ This ancient symbol represents the power of Transformation ~ Love ~ Creation & Equilibrium.

    Enclosed with wax seal.

    )0( YOU WILL RECIEVE in this Beauty Ritual Pack )0(

    1 x Organic Facial Botanical Powder Concentrate 120ml
    1 x Organic Rose Hydrosol 50ml
    1 x Wooden Scoop
    1 x Bamboo Facial Brush for Application
    1 x Australian Scallop Shell ~ to be used as a natural mixing bowl
    1 x Madagascan Rose Quartz Crystal


    Australian Pink & Kaolin Clays ~ gently draw out imputies, refine pores, giving back your skin the softness & natural glow it deserves.

    Rose Petals ~ have been used in beauty rituals since the begining of time ~ its energetic vibration beautifies the soul ~ calming the spirit & nurturing the heart.

    Acai Berry ~ a gentle skin revival botanical ~ High in antioxidants it slows down the ageing process.

    Vitamins A, B, C & E help revive your skin, heal damaged skin cells and restore back its moisture.

    Synergisticaly, all ingredients work to cleanse ~ exfoliate ~ nourish & bring back self love.

    This botanical face mask can also be used as a gentle exfoliating facial scrub and/or face cleanser.

    Rose Hydrosol ~ This is a true hydrosol, not just a floral water. The difference between both is that with a hydrosol, rose flowers are placed in an alembic still and distilled for a period of time. Through the process of condesation and extraction the final product produces a liquid that captures the true essence of the plant. This liquid contains all the healing goodness of the plant, including essential oil molecules.

    Rose Hydrosol not only smells amazing and uplifts the spirt. It is an excellent face toner ~ locking in moisture keeping your skin hydrated.

    Friday is the day ruled by the planetary energies of Venus. Aphrodite is the Greek Goddes representing this energy. She allows us to remember the beauty deep within us & re connect with our divine feminine. This is the day to invoke her magik. Every Friday, I light my candle & embraces the magik of Aphrodite. I allow myself this time to connect with my inner goddes & treat myself. A self love ritual that makes me feel beautiful and loved.

    Directions for Use

    Place 1~2 tablespoon of dry ingredients into a glass, ceramic or wooden bowl. Add the the rose hydrosol a little at a time untill you acheive a paste like consistency. Mix well.

    Apply to cleane, dry face. At this point if you would like to add a gentle exfoliation to your beauty ritual, as you apply, rub gentley in small circular motions. Allow to partly dry (between 4 & 7 minutes) lay down in your sacred space, hold your rose quartz crystalto your heart and feel the love emanating.

    Wipe of with a damp lukewarm cloth. You can also wash off by splashing water on face and exfoliate at this stage, whilst you are removing the mask.

    Remembering, all face clay masks and exfoliates can leave our skin feeling tight as it works by removing impurities and closing the pores.

    Use your Rose Hydrosl to rehydrate by adding some on cotton wool and dabbing it on your skin. Rose Hydrosol, can be applied as often as needed throuhout the day.

    Be sure to follow with your usual moisturising routine.  I have a face serum still curing and will be available in our apothecary shortly. 

    I hope you enjoy this favcal beauty ritual on many levels, as much as i have enjoyed developing it. It has been a craft I have been working on all year, and finally I have acheived the perfect balance and ingredients. All captured in amber glass to protect and ensure a longer shelf life. You will receive 60ml of Organic Hydrosol & 50g of botanical clay dry ingredients together in a sheer wine red bag.

    I do not use any chemicals, or preservatives in my formulations, so please keep your beauty ritual away from direct sunlight & heat and store in a cool dry, dark place. Hydrosols will last longer if kept in the fridge, but also work as a beautiful under eye cooling remedy, reducing swelling and dark circles.

    Be the beautiful divine being that you are meant to be. Remember who you are