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  • Love Thyself | ORGANIC Ritual Alchemy Oil ~ An Invocation to Honour Divine Love in Self ~ Sacred Body Oil | Embrace Your Inner Goddess

    ⚜An Invocation to honour Divine Love in Self⚜

    Love Thyself Ritual Oil is our newest addition to our signature Sacred Skincare Collection ~ Nourishing you Skin to Soul

    A beautiful synergistic & multi dimensional botanical formulation  of more than 15 ingredients of  Organic Pure Essential Oils  ~Botanical Extracts ~ Oils & Crystals to warm the heart and invoke self love, connecting you back to your feminine divine. 

    Our Sacred Skincare Alchemy Range has been formulated to enhance emotional wellbeing whilst bridging the path to your Physical, Emotional & Spiritual self, 
    Nourishing you Skin to Soul

    Elements ~ Embrace Your Inner Goddess. Uplifting. Soothing. Nurturing. Playful. Self Encouragement. Loving. Evoking Aphrodite. Grounding

    Aromatic Profile ~ Citrus. Floral, Warm. Grounding.  Like walking through a blooming garden of Florals, Roses and Orange Blossoms in spring time

    ~ Body Oil to Raise your Vibration. Apply to palms and massage into your skin  all over body after shower
    ~Bath Oil. Enjoy a self love ritual to embrace your inner goddess. On Friday, which is the day associated with Ahprodite and any works relating to the love frequency, prepare your bath, and as you drop in your oil speak your intention/mantra. I am Loved. I am enough
    ~ Hair Oil. Apply to wet hair as aromatic serum
    ~ Anoint candles,  spiritual  and/or devotional tool 
    ~ Altar Oil
    ~ Apply to pulse points, behind ears, neck, inside elbows to attract love
    ~ Aroma therapeutic exercise to balance the heart energy and re connect with your inner goddess, sit comfortably, apply a couple of drops to palms, bring palms together and gentle rub. Bring palms to face and inhale deeply. Repeat
    ~ Massage Oil. A relaxing, nurturing and sensual massage oil.

    Key Ingredients

    *Chamomile Extract
    *Jojoba Oil
     *Seabuckthorton C02 Oil

    *Rose Damaska
    *Rose Geranium
    *Pink Grapefruit
    *Sweet Orange

    Rose Quartz Crystals
    Moon Magick and Planetary Alchemy


    * Denotes ORGANIC
    ^ Denotes Unconditional

    Adorned with a fiilergry heart to empower your intentions from within your own heart space. 

    Each alchemy oil is crafted and prepared individually during ceremony & housed in a 50ml amber bottle, to protect the energetics & integrity of ingredients

    Hand Crafted in small batch's at our bespoke Eden Apothecary in Eden NSW Australia, on Friday, the day of Love in Venus

    Love Thyself OIL pairs beautifully with our Love Thyself Sacred Body Mist. 

    Embrace Your Inner Goddess

    From our Heart to Yours

    Love and Blessings
    Tasha ~ Little Esmeralda & Selene

    Please ensure to keep your bottle of love out of direct sunlight, away from heat. Store in a cool dry area.