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Magnesium Flakes | Oil ~ Magnesium Chloride MgCl2 ~ Ancient Minerals from the Zechstein Sea


Therapeutic benefits of MAGNESIUM ~ The Ancient Minerals
Magnesium is known as a mineral for “inner peace” and also as the “power mineral”. No other vital substance makes us resilient to stress and calms our nervous system while simultaneously providing us with endurance and energy as magnesium.
**Ideal for children and other sensitive individuals

**Effective for stress relief and relaxation

**Aids sport recovery. Relieves sore muscles, cramps/spasms

**Highly therapeutic for eczema, psoriasis & other skin conditions

**Excellent source of receiving magnesium through dermal absorption

Magnesium Flakes ~ Bathing | Soaking | Footbath | Cosmetic 
Soaking in magnesium salts has been shown to noticeably improve skin hydration, speed wound healing, enhance skin barrier function, and decrease inflammation.
Prepare your medicinal bath of cell-restoring highly soluble magnesium chloride by dissolving 1 to 4 cups of flakes in a footbath or tub bath, of warm water (not hot) & soak for up to 30 minutes

Magnesium Oil ~ Spray

Spray on sore muscles to relax strains, spasm and cramps. Use after sports, hiking, gardening, or anytime you feel inflammation. Under feet for efficient absorption to help with calming the nerves, preparing for a restful sleep

Eden Apothecary's Magnesium products contain Pure & Unrefined magnesium flakes from the Ancient Zechstein Sea
The highest quality, Medicinal & Therapeutic Grade Magnesium Chloride MgCl2 availalbe