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  • Organic Botanical Healing Salve ~ Nourishing ~ Soothing ~ Calming | All Purpose ~ Herbal Alchemy Salve ~ Skin Healer


    Nourishing. Healing. Soothing. Protecting. Calming. Dermal Healer.

    Antifungal | Antiviral | Anti Inflammatory | Antimicrobial | Antiseptic | Calmative

    Introducing our Organic Botanical Healing Herbal Alchemy Salve ~ A wonderful natural remedy for an array of ailments. Rich, deep & full of colour from our own grown calendula & chamomile.

    Own grown botanicals of Calendula Flowers & Chamomile Flowers are Infused in Medicinal grade Olive Oil (from Greece) & Sunflower Oil and allowed to gently marinate imbue ding their healing powers over 4 Lunar & Solar Months, using traditional herbal alchemy 4 fold preparation methods. This means that at the end of each full lunar cycle, the herbs are strained from the oil, and fresh herbs are added to the infusion, it is then left to brew again over  another 1 lunar cycle. The 4 fold method means that this process is repeated every month for four months ensuring a potent botanical oil capturing the true essence and aroma of each botanical.

    This is what makes our salve a high grade medicinal remedy, especial for burns and inflamed skin. Every picture tells a story, and the rich deep colour this salve presents shares its secrets with you through colour and aroma

    The Beeswax we use is from a local artisan apiarist in Tanja, NSW, Australia. It is rich in colour, aroma and texture, making it one of the finest beeswax available.

    Crafted during ceremony & with love, with respect to the planetary & astrological correspondences that promote health and healing, at our small batch Apothecary in Eden, NSW Australia

    Housed in a 60ml Amber Glass Recyclable Jar. As ingredients are all natural & organic, please keep out of direct sunlight, heat and away from moisture. Use clean hands when dispensing

    ~Speeds up healing of wounds and abrasions on skin eliminating the risk of infection.
    ~Reduces inflammation from burns, bites, stings, rash's & sores
    ~Nourishes dry cracked skin ~ alleviates flaky skin and redness from psoriasis and eczema.
    ~Great for working hands & dry patches
    ~Works as an elbow and heel balm
    ~Helps to reduce inflammation on acne prone skin.
    ~Safe to use on sensitive skin & lips

    Apply to temples in small circular motion(a little goes a long way) pulse points ~ inside wrists, elbows, behind knees and under feet to relieve anxiety and tension, calming the busy mind.

    Use prior to meditation, before going to sleep or anytime you want to wind down and relax

    ~Calendula Officinalis  Lunar Infused in Organic Medicinal Grade Olive Oil from Greece(own grown and prepared at our Eden Apothecary)
    ~Chamomile Botanicals Lunar  Infused in Organic Sunflower Oil(own grown and prepared at our Eden Apothecary)
    ~Beeswax ~ Sourced from one of our local apiarists. A rich, yellow and highly honey smelling beeswax.
    ~Lavender France Pure Essential Oil (Product of France ~ Mallaitte) Lightly Infused

    Due to potential allergies, please always test patch first to ensure there are no reactions.

    Love and Blessings