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  • Organic Tisane ~ Healing Tea Ceremony | Herbal Alchemy Tea to Soothe. Nurture. Relax ~ Tea for Mind Body Soul Connection


    Organic TISANE~ Medicinal Botanical Blend to Soothe ~ Relax ~ Nurture

    SOOTHING to the nerves & stomach. RELAXING to the mind & body. NURTURING to the spirit. 

    Bridging the path between the Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Self, aiding your Journey Into Wholeness

    Our TISANE is full of goodness and synergistically hand blended with our very own homegrown Organic Botanicals of Calendula Petals, Lavender Buds, Rose Petals & Chamomile Flowers.

    Use to calm the mind, body and luminous energy field in preparation for Meditation, Yoga, facilitating energy healing, sacred space ceremony

    Drink before bed time to promote a restful sleep

    Grown, Harvested & Prepared in small batches at our Eden Apothecary, Eden, NSW Australia with a whole lot of Love and Planetary Magick

    From the Earth to the Heart🙏