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Palo Santo 'Holy Wood' Sticks x 6


6 in a bundle Palo Santo "Holly Wood" Sticks

Our Palo Santo is 100% sustainably harvested, without causing any damage to live trees, obtained from naturally fallen trees from the protected forests of Ecuador.

Spiritually regarded and highly respected by the Shamans and healers of Peru and Ecuador, for its magical and traditional uses. 

Palo Santo produces deep states of relaxation, calm, mental clarity and spiritual well being.

It supports the bodys immune system, digestive system and nervous system. "Holly Wood" is also known to assist with anxiety, respiratory conditions, colds, flu, headaches, inflammation and even cancer due to its 75% d-limonene contenet, which is a known anti-tumor compound.

Palo Santo Wood Sticks are used to clear stagnant, blocked and negative energy from a space, wether it be house, room, car or office.  We also use Paslo Santo to cleanse and remove these energies from our own human biofield. This is similar to smudging, as in many native cultures, where smoke is fanned in a space, sacred tools and or objects or a person.

Metaphysically, Palo Santo is beleived to drive away negative spirits, enteties, or harmful energies, and attract positive spirits and healing, uplifting energies.

Palo Santo not only clears and purifies, but it also raises vibrations, allowing these subtle energies to penetrate into our energy field and assist the body to heal itself. Filling "our" sacred space with positive and good vibrations.

How to burn a Palo Santo Stick

Light one end of the wood stick and wait for it to ignite. 

Once there is flame, tilt and hold it on an angle for about 30 seconds.

Gently blow out flame.

Your Palo Santo Wood Stick is now smoking and ready to be used in a sacred smudge ceremony.

In a clockwise circular motion, allow the smoke to spread over the area you are purifying and/or cleansing. Remember, your intention is important.So set it, and speak it.

Happy Smudging!

Please feel free to message us, shall you require additional info. Always happy to exchange thoughtspace!

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