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  • Quick Lighting Charcoal Disks - LIHNARI


    Quick Lighting Charcoal Disks

    8 Charcoals per pack. Burning time for each charcoal is approx 30 min.

    One of the finest and best made charcoal disks.

    Having receieved 3 International Awards, these disks will keep on giving.

    Made in Greece, where burning resin in Sacred Monastery's, Church's and House's is a way of life and  a spiritual practise that was born with Greek culture.


    1. Hold one end of the charcoal in one hand using tongs, (I hold it with my fingers. Tongs are safer, jsut incase these is a bit of spark action) and the lighter in the other

    2. Light one end of the charcoal. It will start to fire up and sparkle, even make a crackling or hissing sound. When this occurs you know the Saltpeter has been activated and the coal is igniting.

    3. Place the charcoal in your Abalone shell, or desired incence burner. (Using a small amount of sand in the abalone shell first, and then place the charcoal on the sand. This works as a protective barrier between the charcoal and shell, and wont burn your shel over time. It will also complement the representation of the water element.

    4. Wait for the sparkles to stop, and allow the charcoal to sit for about one minute. I know my charcoal is ready when i see a fine layer of white ash on the top. You can also hover your hand above the charcoal to feel the heat. If you VERY Gently blow on the charcoal, you will see it light up.

    Now you are ready to place your resins or herbs on your charcoal and begin your sacred smoke ceremony.

    5. Place a small amount of resin at a time, about the size of a lentil or pea. It will begin to create its magical smoke lifting it up high into the air whilst releasing all its theraputic essential oils...

    Enjoy your sacred space, and remember to breathe deeply, focusing on breath.

    SAFETY WARNING: Always light charcoals with care. 

    Never put your face to close to charcoal while it is igniting, as you do not want to burn, shall there be a sudden flicker of spark.