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  • RELAXATION | Be In The Moment ~ Alchemy Botanical Candle | Pure Essential Oils of Lavender France & Sweet Orange Australia


    Be In The Moment ~ Evoke Calm ~ Peaceful & Joyful Vibrations

    Aromatherapy Botanical Candle ~ With Pure Essential Oils of 


    This aroma gently reminds us to "Be In The Moment" and not stray from the present. Savouring the now and creating happy fulfilled moments in time. 

    A deliciously Calming & Joyful pure scent of the finest Essenetial Oils of Lavender Maillette France & Australian Sweet Orange in Soy Wax, finished with our very own grown Botanicals Of Lavendula Buds & Sweet Orange Peel

    Handpoured in Small Batches at our Eden Apothecary, with a whole lot of Love and Lunar Alchemy

    Finished in a 175ml Amber Glass Jar with black lid to protect and preserve your essential oils.

    Burn Time 55 Hours PLUS ~

    CANDLE TIP 🌟When burning for the first time, always allow approx/at least 2 hrs to ensure burn pool to edges, for optimum results for future burns.

    From the Earth to the Heart💚