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  • RELEASE | Let Go | Alchemy Botanical Candle | Pure Essential Oil ~ Organic Lemongrass & Honeysuckle


    RELEASE | UPLIFT | BALANCE ~Alchemy Aromatherapy Botanical Candle

    Crafted & hand poured at our Eden Apothecary in small batch's with Love
    ♢Natural Non Gmo Soy Wax
    ♢Lead Free Cotton Natural Wicks
    ♢Pure Essential Oils of Organic Lemongrass
    ♢Featuring our own homegrown Organic Botanicals of Lemongrass & Honeysuckle correspondences to amplify vibrational healing frequencies of release
    Energetically charged with
    ♢Solfeggio Frequency 528htz (Sound bar & Tuning Forks) ~ This sacred frequency repairs dna, not only on a cellular level, but on an energetic level, enhancing the healing process in every layer of our being, opening us up to divine love

    ♢Lemon Quartz Crystal Vibrations ~ Known to enhance insight, bringing focus & clarity to one's state of being, whilst broadening perspectives. A high vibrational energy transmitter that can amplifying intentions.
    This Crystal Light Being fills our space with Joy ~ happiness and the feeling to overcome any obstacle

    Imbued with Lunar & Planetary energetic vibrations on the night of the full moon, to empower your invocation
    ~ Releasing old patterns ~ Uplifting the Spirit ~ Balancing the body, mind & soul.

    Housed in a re-cyclable 180ml Amber Glass Jar with black lid to preserve the integrity of your Oils, Botanicals & Energetic Vibrations

    Burn Time 55 Hours PLUS ~

    CANDLE TIP 🌟When burning for the first time, always allow approx/at least 2 hrs to ensure burn pool to edges, for optimum results for future burns.

    Trim wick to approx 5mm prior each burn

    May the blessings imbued upon this candle be felt deep within your heart ~ releasing old emotional wounds allowing you to let go of what no longer serves ~

    Love & Blessing