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  • Rose Quartz Crystal ~ Facial Roller


    Rose Quartz Crystal ~ Sacred Beauty Wand ~ Facial Roller
    A beautiful hand carved, Sacred Beauty Wand in high quality Rose Quartz Crystal.
    Sacred Emanations Rose Quartz Sacred Beauty Wand is a multidimensional self care beauty tool and will make a complete addition to your sacred beauty ritual

    Rose Quartz Crystal is known as the beautifying stone of the mineral kingdom

    Physically this massage facial roller works on a cellular level, assisting the penetration of your facial oil deep within the dermis(skin) stimulating circulation, collagen production & cell regeneration (which is known to speed up the healing process, tighten the pores, reduce fine wrinkles, ~ bringing back your skins natural glow.)

    Metaphysically Rose Quartz injects love into every cell, filling our heart space with unconditional love,  compassion , inner peace ~ re awakening self love.

    A love ascension tool for every aspect of our being.

    Love and Blessings