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  • Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant | Handknotted Necklace Over Heart | Aphrodite Energy

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    Inspired by the beaty and love of our Greek Goddess Aphrodite & hand knotted on Friday Love Spell day to Invoke the Goddess in us all.
    Offering to you a cabochon style hand knotted Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant, with hand knotted chord, which when worn sits beautiful right over the hear energy.

    Rose Quartz stimulates the true life force - LOVE.
    Melting away stress & tension it emits a cool, calming energy which can work on all of the energy centre's to gently remove negativity and bring back the gentle forces of self love.
    A rejuvenating agent for both the physical body & emotional system, it balances ying-yang energy & provides each energy centre with the proper energy vibration.
    Resonating with the astrological sign of Cancer, Rose Quartz will share its loving and nurturing aspects attuning one to the energy of love.
    Opening up the heart and allowing one to receive love and give love unconditionaly.

    I have chosen to craft this piece on a Friday, and in the hour of Venus, as this day represents & is ruled by  the intoxicating and magnetic energy of Venus. Love, beauty, fertility,
    Invoking this spiritual alchemy within the Rose Quartz herself.

    The chord is also hand knotted and the Rose Quartz Crystal rests nicely over the heart.

    You will receive the exact piece pictured above protected in its own organic cotton bag filled with Roses from our Eden Apothecary Garden

    Paired with our Organic Rose + Rose Quartz Crystal Sacred Face & Body Mist we create a harmonious vibrational frequency of Love, Evoking Self Love back into our heart space that can be used as a Heart Energy  healing tool, or given as A Gift of Unconditional Love to someone special in your life right now.

    You can find our Rose Alchemy Mist HERE 

    May the energetic vibrations imbued within this piece be felt deep within your being, and awakening an unconditional self love

    Love & Crystal Blessings