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  • Rose Quartz & Rose Candle Alchemy | Pure Essential Oil | Heart Healing ~ Self Love ~ Divine Love ~ Inner Peace ~ Heart Energy Meditation

    Rose Quartz Crystals ~ Organic Rose Petals & Pure Essential Oils of Rose Otto, Rosewood, & Rose Geranium work synergistically together to create a powerful Love manifestation ascension tool, amplifying our intentions & aiding deep 'heart healing' meditation

    When we work with crystal energy, we are harnessing the energetic healing vibrations of a specific crystal.

    When we introduce complimentary correspondences, like, essential oils, botanicals, elements, planetary influences and our intention, we create a powerful sacred ascension tool which amplifies the healing properties and vibrational frequency of that crystal ~ connecting us to our higher self

    I have crafted this Rose Quartz Crystal candle, beginning on the night of the New Moon, & imbued its correspondences through the magick of Alchemy & Magia Metaphysica, harnessing the healing energies of Aphrodite ~ in ceremony & love

    Own grown botanicals & handpoured in small batches at our Eden Botanical Apothecary on the Sapphire Coast, Eden Australia

    A magickal addition to ones sacred space and/ or altar & beautifully empowering and holistic way to facilitate and work with the Rose Quartz Crystal Light Being

    Working on the Physical ~ Emotional and Energetic aspect of the human being ~

    Opening up the Heart Energy to allow the flow of divine love ~ Inner Peace ~ Self Love & Worth ~ Harmony ~ Healing of Emotional Wounds ~ Calming ~ Nurturing ~ Accepting

    Use to manifest your desired intention

    Crafted with the finest Pure Essential Oils, Australian Non Gmo Soy Wax and cotton lead free wicks.

    Housed in a re usable 60 ml amber glass jar with Rose Quartz crystal adorned lid.

    This candle will burn for up to 30 hours Plus, depending on how long you keep it alight each burn.
    They are small but extremely giving, energetically and aromatically. They burn slowly, gently releasing the essential oil molecules into the atmosphere, creating a real aroma therapeutic experience

    INGREDIENTS: Pure Essential Oil of Rose Otto, *Rosewood & *Rose Geranium, Soy Wax Australian ~ Non Gmo, Cotton Wicks ~ Lead Free, *Rose Quartz Crystal Tumbles, *Rose Petals & Buds, Lunar Alchemy, ^Love

    *Denotes ORGANIC

    From the Earth to the Heart🙏

    Love and Blessings