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  • Rose Quartz + Rose | Sacred Face & Body Mist ~ Crystal Infused Alchemy Mist | Sacred Skincare


    Crafted during the Full Moon, in ceremony & with love, cultivating powerful energetic vibrations of corresponding planetary energies, which is captured in this Love Manifestation potion.

    Manifest Unconditional Love ~ Inner Peace ~ Harmony

    Rose Essential Oil and Rose Quartz Crystals are correspondences and work synergistically together to amply our intentions.

    We can work with Rose Quartz Crystal energy to balance and realign the heart energy, however when we conjoin Rose Essential Oil with Rose Quartz Crystal, the number 22 & our own intention we create an amplified Healing vibrational frequency.

    A beautiful High Vibrational tool to aid your journey of awakening your souls true purpose to divine love

    Aligning our physical, emotional and spiritual aspect with the heart energy.

    The number 22, in numerology is a master number, and has a powerful vibration. This potent energy can be channelled and directed towards manifesting our intention/s

    Rose Quartz is the stone of Infinite Love ~ Compassion ~ opening up the heart energy to accept and give love, whether it be Self Love ~ Family Love ~ Intimate or Platonic Love

    Invoking feelings of deep inner peace, calm and harmony.

    Rose Essential Oil has been used since the beginning of time and is known as the oil of Love. It was used to induce deep feelings of peace and harmony.

    Our Sacred Skincare Potion Range has been formulated & designed as a holistic high vibrational tool to aid emotional wellbeing and your self~healing journey. Connecting Plant Spirit Medicine & human being, and bridging the path between the Physical, Psychological & Spiritual self.  

    All ingredients work synergistically at a molecular level to regenerate each and every cell of the dermis, beautifying us from the inside out ~ Raising Love Vibrations & Nourishing you Skin to Soul


    ALCHEMIZED CRYSTAL ELIXIRS ~ Madagascan Rose Quartz Crystal Elixir, Cobalto Calcite Crystal Elixir, Clear Quartz Crystal Elixir (Prepared by us at our Eden Apothecary in Organic Brandy)

    BOTANICAL EXTRACTS & OILS Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil, Organic Kakadu Plum & Rosemary Extracts

    PURE ESSENTIAL OILS ~ Organic Rose Otto, Organic Rose Geranium



    CRYSTAL ALCHEMY ~ 22 Rose Quartz Crystals (in bottle)

     Moon Magick , Planetary Alchemy & Love

    Adorned with Madagascan Rose Quartz Crystal Bead to empower your intentions from within your own heart space

    How to Use:

    Gently roll bottle in hands, between palms to stimulate the blending of ingredients.

    Mist all over body & face ~ inhale for an aroma therapeutic experience & emotional wellbeing ~ to warm the heart, and evoke feelings of inner peace & harmony

    Esoteric ~ Spiritual & Emotional
    Use as a ceremonial  mist, when working with vibrational therapies and the love frequency to align the heart energy, preparing a sacred space ~ body & luminous energy mist, prior to engaging in energetic work or to raise your own Love Vibration

    Skincare & Beauty Ritual
    This beautiful mist is part of our Sacred Skin Collection. Designed to nourish you Skin to Soul, working synergistically on each level bridging mind, body & soul opening one up to our spirit connection & the portal of divine love.

    All ingredients have been carefully selected and prepared to work magick on our entire being

    The Aromas linger delightfully. 

    This mist is not just a 'soul 'mist, but makes for a super nourishing, rejuvenating skin loving Facial & Body Glow Mist.

    Topically, Rose Otto and Rose Geranium work on the dermis at a molecular level, speeding up the process of healing & cell regeneration, revealing new cells, giving your skin its glow back.

    Hand Crafted and prepared individually at our Eden Apothecary during ceremony and housed in a 3.52oz / 100ml amber bottle to preserve the integrity & energetic architecture of each vital ingredient


     Love & Blessings