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  • Natural Raw Sacred Abalone Shell Australia ~ Sea Spirit Offering ~ Water Element ~ Sacred Smoke Ceremony


    A beautiful organic deep large sheel with its illuminating rainbow rays of sacredness emenating out, to, within.

    These beautiful XXXL  Abalone Shells have been sourced in their raw natural state from Western Australia and are just as amazing as our Mallacoota Shells. 

    Deep, large and illuminate irridesant mother of pearl rainbow rays with dark purple, blue green shimmering hues. 

    Each shell is hand scrubbed clean and left to dry in the sun for up to 4 weeks.

    Our shells measure at 6"(inches) PLUS . Now thats large!

    Please note. We do not chemicaly polish our shells. They are left as natural as can be to retain the essence of the sea.

    This is important for your ceremonial smudging ritual, as the abalone shell represents the WATER element of the 5 elements(Water - Earth - Fire - Air - Spirit).

    💜WATER     - Abalone Shell
    💙EARTH     - Herb, resin, wood
    💚AIR           - Feather, to move smoke into dirfection
    💛FIRE          - Burning, smudging of the herb
    ❤SPIRIT      - Oh, great godess of love...Your INTENTION is your spirit. Speak it, feel it, Visualise it!

    I absoloutely am in love with these shells, and all that they have to abundance of energy flow, like the fluidity of water itsef. Being a cancerian, and the first water sign, just makes me feel safe and at home when I have my shells near and around me..
    💜Love and Nurture your Abalone Shell I always put some sand at the bottom of my shell. This will ensure that your shell will never burn (especially when using charcoals). As for smudge sticks, you can just extinguish them into the sand, and they will be in readiness awaiting your next smudge!

    From the Earth to the Heart