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  • Sacred Plant Medicine Healing Bundle | Sacred Smoke ~ Homegrown Plan Medicines | Cleanse ~ Release ~ Heal

    Sacred Plant Medicine Healing Bundle

    This medicine bundle was crafted during the new moon to aid your self healing journey, to assist  your meditation and blessings of release and manifestation.
    Create your Sacred Space, clear stagnant and negative energy, raise your vibrations, and ground yourself with the healing energy of Mother Earth, Releasing what no longer serves and begin to manifest your desired intentions.

    The botanicals featured are homegrown in our Eden Apothecary garden. Nurtured, harvested and prepared in ceremony during specific lunar phases and in alignment with  planetary cosmic vibrations.  respecting and honouring the nature spirits. Abundant gifts from mother earth.

    A beautiful gift of LIFE and change.

    As we experience great loss, we are forced into an overwhleming state of emotions.
    The loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, a partner, or perhaps, we want to take our first flight and venture beyond what we already know and have. 

    Change can be a difficult thing to embrace because there is fear of letting go.
    It is only when we allow ourselves to LET GO, do we really feel our freedom..Letting go of past emotions, regrests, sorrows. Letting go of the life we have become acustomed to and really move into an awakened state of realisation. To follow our heart. Our Soulst true calling.  If we look within, and let go of what holds us back, then we can only move forward. Embracing the ebb and flow of life and ascending on our journey.

    This Sacred Plant Medicine Bundle has been crafted for this purpose. For the times when we know what we need to do, however find ourselves stuck in the moment.

    The energetic architecture of the chosen Plant Medicines are like subtle vibrations of powerful energy, and work on that energetic level to allow us to move the stagnant energy that is holding us back. Releasing ~ Transmuting ~ Grounding, giving it back to the earth

    Your intention on a new moon will spark the change and birth a new beginning in your life, on your path. Speak it, feel it, think it.  Like a true warrior in search of knowledge. Reconnecting with your ancestral lineage and the grounding healing energy of Mother Earth

    Today is a new day, it is the beginning of the rest of your life

    Love and Blessings

    You Receive
    1 x White Sage Smudge Wand, Organic mini (Grown in our Eden Apothecary Garden) Tied with  Australian unbleached organic cotton
    1 x Sweet Grass (Grown in our Eden Apothecary Garden) in glass vial with cork
    1 x Monastic Frankincense Papyrefere (from Mount Athos Monastery in Greece) in glass vial with cork lid
    1 x Palo Santo Wood Stick(with our own grown organic Lavender) (ethically sourced from Ecuador)
    1 x Rainbow Abalone Shell from Australia, natural
    1 x Charcoal Disks Packet
    1 x Clear Quartz Crystal Point
    1 x Hessian Bag to keep your bundle protected

    )0( OUR MISSION )0(
    Our Botanicals are consciously & organically homegrown, in our Eden Apothecary Garden.

    Harvested and prepared by the calling of the moon and planetary cosmic vibrations to ensure the healing properties and energetic architecture of each botanical is captured in its peak.

    Our mission is to bring to you a wellbeing offering that is crafted with the finest medicinal grade and organic quality ingredients, imbued with magick and love

    We hope you enjoy this treasure as much as we have crafting it.

    Love and blessings