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  • Sacred White Sage | Botanical Anointing & Ceremonial Oil ~ Small Batch ~ Lunar Infused | Consciously Grown and crafted in Australia

    Purifying ~ Cleansing ~ Protecting ~ Healing ~ Longevity ~ Blessings

    Sacred White Sage's flourish within our Eden Apothecary garden in Eden AUSTRALIA. It is an honour to be growing this spirit herb. With deep respect, White Sage has taught me to look within, and clear out thoughts that no longer serve.

    Pungent. Deep. Herbaceaous. Uplifting, Almost mentholy expressesion arise within the olfactory on encountering his aroma. Negativity melts away and I am at the begining of a new. Between Sliding Doors.

    Our White Sage is Lunar and Solar Infused in Olive Oil, and in Ceremony over a 4 month cycle. Our Olive Oil is First Cold Pressed and Virgin. Growing on the mountain sides of Crete, Greece, in our Family's Olive Grove, it makes its journey to us here in Australia once every year.

    You will receive 20ml of our Small Batch White Sage Lunar Infused Oil in an Amber Roll Bottle for easy application and to preserve the integrity of the oils. In the bottle, marinating within the infused oil is a sprig of White Sage Buds. Harvested, just prior to bursting open, dried and preserved.

    White Sage is traditionally used within the Native American Indian Culture, growing widly within the californian desert and surrounds, making it one amongst of the many, purist and potent spirit medicines to purify, cleanse, & protect ones energetic field, for preparing sacred space prior to Shamanic journeying and ceremonies.
    This herb is usually tied and dried to create a smudge stick. The Smudge stick is then lit on one end. The smoke emitted from the smudge stick is usually dense and used to carry blessings and ceremonial prayers within the sacred smoke into the universal vibration. Here our wishs are granted and intentions met

    The spirit of White Sage embraces us deep within his arms and allows us to deal with the grief and sorrow felt by the loss of a loved one. A beautiful energy to allow the mourning process take its course. Reminding us that we are in the here and the now, and that we are all woven within the web of life.

    As a tea infusion, White Sage has potent medicinal properties and is a remedy to soothe a sore throat and reduce fevers

    I have created this botanical lunar infused oil for those that do not wish to use sacred smoke as part of the ceremony, but still want to adopt the spiritual, physical, magickal and emotional properties of this sacred spirit herb. A small batch sacred Botanical Oil.

    Apply to pulse points. Inside wrists, elbows, behind ears & knees, under feet. Can also be applied directly to the brow chakra for psychic protection.

    Use to prepare for meditation, yoga, ceremony, sacred space. Entering public spaces where extra protection is required. Any time you feel "drained" an require an uplift. Grounding. Healing. Longevity Spell Work.
    Dealing with the overwhelming emotions of the loss of a loved one.

    May the energetic vibrations imbued upon this potion be felt deeply within your being.

    Love and Blessings