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  • Spirit Feather Healing | Heart Energy Balance | Manifest Divine Love ~ Inner Peace ~ Harmony

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    Beautiful Hand Crafted Spirit Feather inspired by the Full Moons Energy and created with the intention of Opening Up the Heart Space ~ Releasing Old Patterns & Manifesting Divine Love


    Handknotted with Rose Quartz Crystals wrapped over a turkey barred feather.

    Uses in Meditation & Crystal Healing for Heart Energy Balance/Healing

    Rose Quartz holds the vibration of Love. It soothes a heart that has been hurt and balances the heart energy opening it up to accept and give unconditional love again.

    An energy healing tool to realign and balance the Luminous Energy Field, Drawing out impurities & blockages of the heart energy , re awaken unconditional & self love.


    When smudging, we use a feather not only to fan the sacred smoke around the room, people or objects we are cleansing. The feather is an imperative factor of the ceremony itself. It represent 1 of the 5 elements which are used synergistically to create and foremost bind and manifest the sacred smoke ceremony.

    Feather represents the AIR Element.

    Abalone Shell represents the WATER Element.

    Herb, Wood, Resin represent the EARTH Element.

    Charcoal. Once lit, represents the FIRE Element

    Your Intention represent the SPIRIT Element.

    May you awaken to your souls true purpose

    Love and Blessings