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  • Spiritual Cleanse ~ Organic Botanical Bath Brew ~ Ceremonial Bath Soak for Purification & Energy Renewal ~ Esoteric Alchemy


    As I sat in my apothecary garden one day, feeling the vibrations emanating, deep from within mother earth, I heard the calling of spirit medicine...

    White sage, Rosemary & Rose spoke to me of their symbiosis....then, Ceremonial Bath Brew was Birthed.

    A balanced blend of the finest Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals and Epsom Salts in Glass Jar 

    Featuring our very own homegrown organic botanicals of 

    White Sage Flowers, Buds & Leaves

    Rosemary Flowers & Leaves

    Rose petals

    Handcrafted and blended at our Eden Apothecary, during the waning moon, to assist the process of release from your entire being, vanishing negative energies.

    A potent bath brew for those seeking to prepare for spiritual work, cleanse the energetic field after a heavy day of absorbing negativity, renew your energy & to protect the aura from psychic attack.

    1-2 scoops is all you need to release this brews healing and magical properties.

    Made with Lunar Alchemy & Love.

    Enclosed with burgundy wax seal imbedded with Sacred Geometry ~ Flower of Life Symbol

    You will receive

    ~ 260 grams / 9.17 oz of this high vibrational botanical blend in a re usable glass bottle with cork lid.

    ~ wooden scoop

    ~ packaged in a chiffon bag

    Love & Blessings

    From the Earth to the Heart