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  • Spiritual Cleanse | Sacred Smoke Blend | Aromatic Medicne ~ Handmilled Botanicals and Resins ~ Incense | Purification & Energy Renewal ~ Esoteric Alchemy

    As I sat in my garden one day, feeling the vibrations emanating, deep from within mother earth, I heard the calling of spirit medicine...
    White sage, Rosemary & Rose spoke to me of their symbiosis....then, Spiritual Cleanse Ceremonial Sacred Smoke Blend was Birthed.
    A potent sacred smoke ceremony/ Aromatic Plant Medicine and Altar Incense for those seeking to prepare for spiritual work, cleanse the energetic field after a heavy day of absorbing negativity,  renew energy & to protect the aura from psychic attack.
    - Preparing Sacred Space for Sacred Rites, Rituals and Ceremony
    - Energy Healing Work
    Hand Milled during the days of the waning lunar cycle , to assist the process of release from your entire being, vanishing negative energies.
    A time to release old patterns and be open to subconcious awakening and manifest change

    Featuring our very own homegrown organic botanicals of

    White Sage Flowers, Buds & Leaves & Buds

    Rosemary Flowers & Leaves

    Rose petals

    Frankincense Papyrifera ( Ethically sourced Monastic from Mt Athos, Greece)

    Synergistically these botanicals and resin work on our energetic luminous field to purify, cleanse protect and recharge, preparing us for meditation and ritual.

    Physically, on inhalaing this brew 

    Packaging Options
    1. Amber Glass Jar with Black Lid ~ Holds approx. 10 grams of blend
    2. Glass Vial with Cork Lid and Wax Seal ~ Holds approx. 6 grams of blend
    Both containers come with Spiritual Cleanse Label & Sacred Wax Seal

    Crafted in Lunar Ceremony & with Love at our small bath Eden Apothecary ~ Eden ~ NSW ~ Australia

    Love and Blessings

    Our offerings are consciously handcrafted with 100% earthly inspired ingredients, Moon Magick ~ Alchemy & Love at our Eden Apothecary in small batch's ~ Eden ~ NSW Australia
    NO Chemicals No Preservatives. Pure Natural Goodness. Gentle on the body and the environment💚

    )0(  OUR MISSION  )0(
    Our Botanicals are consciously & organically homegrown, in our Eden Apothecary Garden.

    Harvested and prepared by the calling of the moon and planetary cosmic vibrations to ensure the healing properties and energetic architecture of each botanical is captured in its peak.

    Our mission is to bring to you a luxury offering that is crafted with the finest medicinal grade and organic quality ingredients, imbued with magick and love

    We hope you enjoy this treasure as much as we have crafting it.

    Love and blessings