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  • Sweet Grass ~ Full Moon Spring Harvest ~ Australian Own Grown Organic Sweetgrass Braids

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    This item is out of stock
    This amazing plant medicine arrived in a small bundle in my Apothecary Garden 2 years ago. I planted her in ceremony, nurtured and relieved her appetite, I quenched her thirst and deeply respected her. As I still do to this day and always will.

    Sweet Grass in exchange enthralled me with her first harvest. I am so very excited to offer to you these Organically Grown, harvested by the calling of Full Moon, and braided in Ceremony and Song

    Organic Sweet Grass Braids
    Botanical Name: Hierochloe Odorata
    Sweet Aromatic, Vanilla like Fragrance when burned

    Regarded by the Native American Tradition as one of the four Sacred Medicines. Sweet Grass is called the hair of Mother Earth and holds a female energy. (Planetary Correspondence ~ Venus) It is used in medicine by both men and women, and usually used after other medicines. It is calming and soothing. There are 28 strands in a Sweetgrass braid to represent the female cycle. The 3 strands of 7 blades of grass each represent the Mind, Body & Spirit

    ~relieves fever, coughs & sore throat
    ~uplifting, calming & soothing

    ~Ceremonies, Blessing, Prayers
    ~Purification & Energetic Cleansing
    In smudging & Sacred Smoke Ceremony, it is customary to braid Sweet Grass and to burn the braid from the tip to the roots. This may be done to salute the four directions, during funerary rites to release the spirit, or at any time that one wishes to bring about purification, harmony, peace, and uplift.

    ~used in the art of dream magik ~ the crafting of Dream Bags & Pillows
    ~calling of the Spirits
    ~dream recall
    ~psychic awareness

    ~place braids in linen cupboards or any stagnant closed up area. The sweet smell that exudes from this herb, has potency to aromatically & energetically freshen up any area, large or small.
    It has also been used to repel insects.

    Aromatically, A truly beautiful sweet smell that lingers tastefully in any space when burned

    Energetically, A bringer of deep mother earth connection ~ soothing vibrations and heightened awareness ~ connecting mind, body & spirit
    An uplifting and peaceful energy

    Sacred Plant Medicine Diaries September 2018
    It is a great honour to be resonating with the vibrations of Sweet Grass ~in this Full Moon's energy today
    As I sit & braid ~ with 3 bundles, of 7 strands each
    I journey within
    I am reminded of this powerful Sacred Plant Medicine's ancient Native American teachings & traditions

    Tonight, the world is made a new
    Look within and seek your souls true purpose
    Awaken, and remember who YOU really are

    Love and Blessings

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    From the Earth to the Heart and the Heart to the Earth💚