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  • Tea Strainer with Cup | Vintage Style ~ Stainless Steal ~ Double Handle | Loose Leaf Herbal Tisane ~Tea

    Elegant, Vintage Style & Robust

    The ultimate tisane accessory for your brewing needs, and makes a wonderful aesthetic to ones herbal tea and tea cup collection.

    The only tea strainer I use, during all my tea ceremonies. and I can confidently say that I prepare and drink plenty of our own grown medicinal herbal tisanes.

    Easy to use and easy to clean. Fits small and standard cups and most large ones too. May need a little balance technique for the huge sized mugs.

    Crafted from stainless steel, so will not rust and measures 6.5 cm.
    Featuring a double handle and its own cup to rest in once used, ready for your next pour.

    From our Heart to Yours
    Tasha ~ Little Esmeralda & Selene