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  • The Shaman ~ Energy Clearing Mist ~ Blessed in Ceremony


    Invoke Your Inner Shaman

    Created and Blessed in Shamanic Ceremony

    This high vibrational mist was created with intention for use to prepare for, or during shamanic journeying and ceremony.

    Crafted on a full moon with Organic Palo Santo Essential Oil from Ecuador and our very own grown and made Organic White Sage Flower Essence..

    Mist around luninous energy field and sacred space to clear energy &  bring in harmonious and peacfull vibrations.

    Please Shake Well before each use. Avoid eyes.

    Key Ingredients:

    Organic Palo Santo Essential Oil

    Organic White Sage Flower Essence

    Blessed Distilled Water

    Lunar Alchemy


    From the Earth to the Heart