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The Warriors Amulet ~ Black Obsidian Arrow Head

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Black Obsidian Arrow Head Macrame Adjustable Necklace

The Warriors Amulet

A natural protector of negative energies, enteties, psychic attacks and electromagnetic pollution, this Black Obsidian Arrow Head Amulet will wrap its healing energies around your luminous energy field and protect every aspect of your being.

Energetically charged with this new moons energy, and created in a shamanic protection ceremony, this light being is super charged and full of magic.

Black Obsidian is also a natural cleanser and purifyer, cleansing ones aura of negative psychic energy, and deeply connecting one to the roots of Mother earth, allowing grounding to take place.

One of my favourite specimes, I keep this amazing volcanic mineral in all aspect of my sacred space and around my house. Particular effective around computers, and any electronic equipment, as it has the power to engulf electro magnetic fields of pollution, protecting our bodies and space.

Warm Earth Blessings