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  • Wattle Blossom & Eucalyptus ~ Sacred Smoke Ceremony Wand ~ Australian Native Plant Medicine

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    Wattle Blossom (acacia) & Eucalyptus ~ Australian Native Sacred Plant Medicine
    Saced Smoke Ceremony ~ Large Wand 

    Purify & Heal ~ Bringer of Vitaliy & Joy ~ Invoke Creativity ~ New  Endeavours

    Wattle Blossom, your smell is sweet, & reminds me of the sweetness in my life, you wear the colour yellow, like the sun, you brighten up my entire being, bringing back vitality...i feel alive in your presence, and when you dance with Eucalyptus, i am inspired to look within and embrace this journey...for today you are my teacher...let go, and and be loved...learn and i am greatful.

    Wildcrafted from deep within the costal forest of Eden, NSW Australia, by the calling of the Full Moon.
    Handrolled with Australian Organic cotton & prepared at our Eden Apothecary with Love and Lunar Alchemy.

    From Mother Earth to the Heart.